Abalandi was started in 2008 as Abalandi Risk Management and specialised in tracing and investigations under directorship of Elton Nkomo who was a police officer in the South African Police Service and served in the highly esteemed unit called Serious and Violence Crime Unit.

He also worked as a Manager of an investigation department for one of the major banks in South Africa

In 2014 Abalandi Holdings was established to cater for other business interests, South Africa have opportunities for its citizens but we want the government to do things for us hence as a young person am creating my own destiny

We are a young company that sleeps, eats and oozes professional Excellency and all our products are coupled with technology.

Used Oil

We were concerned with a number of unhealthy filthy environment being created by our mechanic brothers in the townships and we then started to have interest in a greener environment and were shocked by stats such as” 1 litter of used engine oil can pollute 1 million litters of fresh water” and then we wanted to change the way people think or do things, this is our primary function as we are creating a better environment for our great grand children and cleaner atmosphere for us

  • Used lubrication oil collection
  • Transportation of used oil to the refiners

We aim and intend to have our refinery in the near future and venture into Bio-fuel

Office supplies

Due to fact that a number of office directors and executives are constantly at work and do not have the time or luxury to go around the shops to buy furniture to get what they deserve ,we at Abalandi have simplified things for them ,we will bring the furniture to them or stationery

  • L shape desk
  • Executive or normal desks
  • Chairs
  • Cabins(wooden and Steel)
  • Pens
  • Papers
  • Files etc

Cleaning Services & House Maids

The department was opened after we saw that a lot of people are struggling to get the right house helper and also due to the fact that it is a hustle to be legally compliant we then therefore introduced the Cleaning Service dept and our specialty are the one day maids that leave your house spotlessly clean, your laundry super clean and neatly iron and packed. They are very professional and will not be lazing around talking to Neighbours

  • House Cleaning
  • Curtain and Windows cleaning
  • Laundry(washing and Ironing)
  • Nanny

Tracers specializes in tracing of

  • Absconded debtors/defendants /third parties
  • Deceased Debtors/individuals
  • Executors
  • Reference checks
  • Bank vehicles

We endeavour to provide feedback within seven working days after receiving the instruction. Where we experience difficulties with a particular case, our admin will liaise with the client and keep them on the loop.


We provide the best Events Personnel at your event and the tough Ladies and Gents have been doing this for a while with minimal complaints, for the best prices in town and Quality service in

  • Back Stage Personnel
  • Front Door Personnel
  • VIP personnel
  • Car Attendants

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Abalandi Oil

Abalandi Maids